How to Increase the Lifespan of your Scrubs

Wear and tear happens often but there are certain things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your favorite scrubs. Following these simple rules form Blue Sky for example will ensure you are in the right path to saving your scrub for many shifts to come. So what will preserve your scrub hat for long? Click and learn more here and Blue Sky homepage. Avoid using the dryer. The hair dryer does a lot of damage the fabric and cause discoloration and fading. Abrasion too can occur, therefore skip the idea of the hand dryer and preserve your scrub instead. You can simply hand it out to dry and it will retain its softness. Women scrub caps also need to be worn at work only. It helps to preserve your scrub when you wear it when you are on duty. Obviously the less you wear your scrub the longer it will last. So make sure you are never carrying them home to wear it but keep them protected in a bag and clean them carefully. Ensure you follow the cleaning instructions on the care label from Blue Sky Scrubs for example. Blue Sky scrub hats at are durable and will serve you for many shifts.

Another way that you can preserve your scrub is to pre-wash them. Start taking care of the scrubs on the right foot and this will make the scrub last for long. Once you purchase them give them a perfect pre-wash. This will help to sanitize them but also help the colors in setting in well as this will prolong the lifespan. To wash the scrub hats for women fill the tub with water and add  C of white vinegar that will help in sanitation. Click here and check it out. If you are in need of new Christmas scrub hats for example, Blue Sky for example has the best deals.  Know more here!

Click here and see options. Also you can get good scrubs from Blue Sky to add on to your wardrobe where you can get just everything you need on scrubs. From medical pants to scrub tops, jackets, base layers, vests, Blue Sky has it all. And more, they have accessories like scrub hats for men and women and lanyards. Therefore if you are looking for the ideal scrub hats that will last for many shifts to come, look no further than Blue Sky for example deals the best deals. To get some facts about scrub wear, visit

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